Served with chips, french fries, or onion rings

Grilled Chicken Breast $6.99

Served on a bun with lettuce

Hamburger $6.99

1/3 lb. with all the trimmings

Patty Melt $6.49

Served on Rye with grilled onions

The Club - Triple Decker $7.49

Made with ham, bacon, turkey & cheese with mayo, lettuce & tomato

The Reuben $6.49

Made with turkey, pastrami, served on rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Thousand Island dressing

BLT $6.29

Bacon, lettuce & tomato

BLT Chicken $7.79

A grilled chicken breast, smoked bacon, tomatoes & American cheese with lettuce & tomato

Grilled Ham & Cheese $6.29

Mushroom Chicken Burger $7.79

Grilled chicken breast covered with sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese & bacon strips

Chicken Fried Burger $7.29

Crispy battered chicken with melted cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, onion & tomato

Ranch Burger $8.79

Angus beef 8 oz., cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & pickles

Roast Beef Sandwich $7.29

Tender slices of roast beef served on our sourdough bread with light mayonnaise, grilled onions, Swiss cheese. Served with mashed potatoes & gravy